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“I read the Kidney Society News from front to back. It is very interesting to know how other people are coping, having been through the experience myself.”

Of course you know you are not alone… but what’s it like for other people? How do they manage?

This page brings together the expriences of many patients and their families from many sources, contributed by people from all over the world. They are a source of  inspiration, and  of many good ideas. However…. remember,

Information on this website is intended to interest and inform. Only the medical professionals looking after you can give you the right medical and dietary advice. Play it safe! Listen, read, learn, talk to others, ask, take advice and then decide what’s right for you. What you read may not apply in New Zealand, or even to how things are done where you live, and where you have your treatment

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Living long and Well on Dialysis

…”I write to my fellow kidney patients as a dialysis old-timer. I wear that title as a badge of honor because, with my background, I expected to die in my early 20s. Instead, I have not only survived but have lived well with kidney failure for the past 26 years”