Living With Chronic Kidney Disease

Dialysing at Calvert House - competing for the most colourful blanketTo live a good life with a kidney condition you need:

  • a positive attitude
  • good medical care
  • access to a wide range of information
  • a lot of family and community support.

Kidney patient support organisations throughout New Zealand provide some of that support.

Our Auckland based Society helps people in the Northland,  Auckland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Lakes, Tairawhiti and Hawkes Bay regions find their own way towards living well with chronic kidney disease and kidney disease. Experienced staff and volunteers are at hand with

  • information and resources
  • practical and emotional support
  • working on your behalf
  • connection with people like you

Elsewhere in New Zealand  local and regional  kidney patient societies and support groups provide support in various ways according to local need and resources. In the region covered by our Society’s professional support services there are some local support groups as well, such as in Hawkes Bay and Tauranga.