Our Mission and Plans

Our Mission

To promote the welfare of people with kidney failure and their families by providing ongoing support and by monitoring and influencing renal services.

Our Vision

People with kidney failure and their families achieving for themselves an acceptable lifestyle and quality of life.

Our Philosophy

We believe that people with kidney failure have the right, whenever possible and within available resources, to:

  • make their own choices and have a say in what happens to them
  • have involvement in their treatment
  • have access to  up to date information on which to base decisions about their treatment options
  • support that meets their own goals, needs and values
  • services provided by people who validate their experiences and concerns and who are professional and caring
  • services provided in a manner that respects all cultures and ethnicities
  • services that respect that everyone is part of a family and a community

Our Strategic Goals

  • People with kidney failure  and their families  have access to quality information, advice and support services
  • Renal services are monitored and influenced effectively
  • Kidney Society services are available throughout New Zealand
  • More people are aware of kidney failure and the work of the Kidney Society