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Executive Board

According to our Constitution, the majority of Board Members must have a close connection to living with kidney failure, either as patients themselves, or as family members of people with kidney failure. This ensures that the interests and needs of our clients are always central to everything we do. Board Members’ professional and personal backgrounds provide the Society with the leadership it needs to effectively promote the welfare of people with kidney failure.

  • Tony Miller – Chair
  • John Kearns
  • Gail Thomson
  • Donna Tercel
  • David Wingate
  • Kirstin Blackburn

For a list of board members with professional backgrounds, please contact our office.


Financial Membership of the Society is open to anyone with chronic kidney failure, and anyone else who has the interest of people with kidney failure at heart.

Membership is not a prerequisite to accessing services delivered by the Society, however it is encouraged and around a quarter of our clients have chosen to support the Society in this way. Membership fees are kept at just $20 per year to enable people from all backgrounds to be members of the Society and have a vote.

There are plenty of opportunities for members and non-members alike to support the Society in other ways, and many do.