Living with Kidney Disease: a new way of life

Living with kidney failure can be tough, but it can be done, and many people do it very well.

Leon and Celia 2015
Leon and Celia chose home haemodialysis, first at a Community Dialysis House, then at home

Treatment for kidney failure is forever, as there is no cure. Even a kidney transplant is just a treatment, the new kidney can stop working even years later. From now on there are treatment schedules, medications, hospital stays, doctor’s appointments, surgery, blood tests and complications to deal with. There are many decisions to be made, challenges to be faced and a new way of life to adjust to – not just once, but repeatedly over time as treatments may change and health may vary. Clearly this affects not just the patient but the entire family, and it’s hard.

It is no wonder that many people feel afraid and overwhelmed with all of this. However, with some 2200 families living with kidney failure registered with the Society, nobody needs to cope with kidney failure on their own.

When you are dealing with decisions and worries about kidney failure it can be difficult to get your head around what’s happening to you. Talking to someone from the Kidney Society, someone not directly involved with your treatment, can help.

Thousands of kidney patients and family members have shared their experiences, their worries but also their solutions and ideas with our staff. Through talking to our staff, you can learn from others. You are not alone!

“It was six months into my dialysis treatment when my wife and I first visited the Kidney Society. Life had been pretty difficult until then, but talking to the staff there made such a difference, the feeling of these people knowing what we are going through was such a relief. Knowing they are always there helps when things get tough”.

You can contact the Kidney Society by phoning (09) 278 1321 (or 0800 235 711 if you are calling from outside Auckland), Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm (excluding public holidays) or you can ask to be referred by your doctor or nurse or any other person involved in your care. You can also visit us at our Centre, write to us or contact us by email. There is a map showing where we are on the contact page.

There is no charge: most Kidney Society services are free!
It is nice to know who you will be talking to. Click here to meet our staff!

Close to 3000 people with kidney failure have chosen to be part of the Kidney Society