Group Events

Group events are held, whever possible, on a regular basis throughout our region.

From time to time we run a series of educational group discussions, bringing  together new and experienced patients, relatives and other interested people and a doctor or other health profesional to share knowledge, experiences and tips.  How often we are able to run these events depends largely on available staff time and other resources. When we have plenty of staff and plenty of money to hire venues and send out invitations, we are happy with a small audience, but when  we are rather short of both we sometimes have to put events  on hold. However, the plan is to start afresh in 2016 and run many if not all of the events listed below.

Pre-Dialysis Group Events are the focus in 2015

This year the focus is on our participation in pre-dialysis group events, run in conjunction with pre-dialysis educators. Currently the Waikato and the Counties Manukau pre-dialysis teams have regular sessions. Events are advertised in our bi-monthly magazine and also on our events page.

In 2016 Topics will once again include:

  • All about Kidney Transplants
    Are you thinking about having a transplant? Find out what it is all about, how the waiting list works, what you need to do be ready for a transplant and much more. Als a chance to meet people who already have a transplant!
  • For Donors Only:
    Are you thinking about donating a kidney to a partner, relative or friend? Usually our Transplant meetings are for the people who need a transplant. This is a meeting especially for you – no patients allowed!
  • How to care for yourself before & after a transplant:
    A chance to ask questions, meet people who already have a transplant.
  • Living long and keeping well on dialysis:
    What you can do to help yourself.
  • A Long and Winding Road:
    Planning your journey with kidney failure, overcoming obstacles and  making choices along the way.
  • When should I start dialysis?
    Find out how to start dialysis at the right time for you.

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