Help with your Feelings

Most people with kidney failure feel afraid and confused when they first find out they have kidney failure. Your family may not understand that your kidneys are not going to get better, but that you are still the same person. They may be afraid and confused too.

Kidney failure changes your life in many ways. your role in the family and the community may have changed. Maybe you are no longer working and there may not be much money.

It is not easy to make these changes, but there are many people who can help you, in the hospital and other places. The Kidney Society can help you find these people and show you how to get the help you need and talking to our staff is a good start to getting to grips with your situation.

Finding out you have kidney failure, and living with it from then on can be overwhelming. Your energy will be directed to your treatment and physical well being. But looking after your emotional well-being is just as important as looking after your health. This information is to help you manage these changes.

Kidney failure does not just affect the patient but the entire family, your friends and those who care for you. Many of the changes and emotions affecting patients also apply to them and much of the following information and ideas apply to them as well.

Coping with kidney failure isn’t just about managing the physical symptoms with treatment. You may feel that your life has been turned upside down. Having kidney failure means that you will experience important life changes, such as a change in your working life, personal and family life, finances and activities. These changes can cause a great deal of stress and a range of emotional reactions.

“Thank you so much for speaking with me, it made me feel not quite so lonely and not such a neurotic nutcase after all!”

Recognising and understanding feelings that are experienced by others living with kidney failure can help you feel less isolated and get you the support you need.

This Kidney Health NZ leaflet is an excellent resource that all kidney patients and family members should read: often people tell us that it was such an eye opener to read about what they are experiencing themselves.

You might also like to check out the following link:  Your Emotions and Chronic Kidney Disease

“Thanks for everything!! I feel so much lighter…”

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