Home Visits and Phone Support

“As a home haemo patient you can sometimes feel very alone and then out of the blue the kidney society rings to say Hi and have a chat – it’s great.”

It can be helpful to talk to someone who is not directly involved with your treatment, in your own home, or on the phone.  However, if you prefer you can come and see us at our Centre, or we can meet you somewhere in the community.

        Patient: “sometimes I don’t want to talk to them at the hospital!! I want to talk to you…”

Home visits to people in Auckland are available every week day.   Just phone 278 1321 or 0800 235 711 or email brian@adks.co.nz or leigh@adks.co.nz and ask for a visit.

Home visits outside Auckland need a little planning as our staff are based in Auckland. Most areas are visited twice a year and we advertise visiting trips in our magazine  and in the events calendar as well as sending out individual notices so that  you can request a visit. Feel free to phone 0800 235 711 to find out when we will be coming out your way again.

 “My wife and I were delighted that the Kidney Society ladies had come all the way to visit us. We felt we had only skimmed the top off the education about kidney failure that we received from the hospital staff and we were very happy to get simple practical answers to our questions.”

We make hundreds of phone calls every month, but please don’t wait for us to call you if you need information, advice or just a talk. Call us on 09 278 1321 or 0800 235 711, any working day between 9 and 5. You can also leave a message asking us to call you back,  or email us : kidneysociety@adks.co.nz .

“I know you are busy and you have a lot of other patients to see everyday, but I appreciate the support you give on the phone and I know that if I need anything you will be there fore me. You make me feel that I’m not a burden and help take away the daily stresses of my kidney failure, apart from day to day things. Thank you.”

We have a regular contact  programme and we phone, visit or write to almost everyone registered with the Society at least once a year, no matter where you live in our region. To see who you might be talking to, click here to meet our staff.