Wellness Programme

Looking after yourself with kidney failure is important: doing the best you can with your dialysis, your nutrition, taking your medication – and keeping as fit and mobile and independent as you can.

Can people with Kidney Failure exercise?

Of course they can, but everyone is different.

For some people, joining a gym and following a regular workout programme is perfectly fine. For others, this can be just too hard. Some patients who go to the gym find they can’t manage the exercises as well as other people, or they can’t do as much as they used to before they had kidney failure. They may end up exhausted, or give up in frustration.  If it’s hard even to walk to the corner shop, the thought of going to the gym let alone getting on one of those machines can be just too much.

Most people with kidney failure are less able to do things than they used to,  but that does not mean you can’t improve your fitness, your mobility and the way you feel about yourself. The trick is to find a way to exercise that is right for you.

That is where the Kidney Society wellness programme can help.

“The doctor has told me to exercise or walk more – but even that was too hard and I didn’t know how to get started and I would usually just feel defeated…  NOW, thanks to the Kidney Society Wellness Programme  I know how to get started and feel I have a goal to work towards… Thanks!”

The Kidney  Society Wellness Programme is a FREE home based service for people with kidney failure in Auckland who are registered with the Kidney Society. We also visit other areas for group Wellness events from time to time and we can talk to you about exercise and keeping mobile on the phone.

Our qualified Wellness Coordinator works with patients in their homes or on the phone to find out what they might like to do to improve their sense of feeling well through some sort of physical activity. This may be wanting to get back some strength and movement in their hands, or perhaps getting back to walking on a regular basis, joining a Tai Chi or water aerobics group or just improving their breathing. It can be finding the right gym to join, or the right exercise equipment to use.

Thanks to the Wellness Programme many people enjoy the benefits of doing some simple exercises in their own homes: gently moving their hands, their feet, their shoulders – nothing strenuous or difficult. For others Tracey has found an affordable or free exercise group nearby to join. One patient who did just that says that he feels he is a new man, with new things to do, and more enjoyment in life than he thought he would ever have again since he found out that he had kidney failure.

“I feel so much better for exercising… I am enjoying going to the gym again. The cramps in my legs are so much better! My blood results are the best they have ever been since I started exercising.”

To find out more, contact the Kidney Society, many other people already have!

I am feeling really great after seeing Tracey – my feet have improved. My wife an I have joined a tai chi class and we now have our Green Prescription for the gym. My  blood pressure is the lowest it has been for 20yrs. I feel fantastic and wanted to say thank you for having such a wonderful wellness programme.”